Anastasiya Romanova
I am a young journalist, who lives and works in
St. Petersburg. Here is a short resume that will give you at least a fair notion about me and set few points, why I can be useful for you during this course

Just few numbers
Nowadays I am taking the position of an editor in chief in the youth media called 'Razvilka'. I do also write for the journal 'The Journalist', the online-magazine 'Russia Beyond', the online-magazine 'The Photographer'
More than 6 years

Working experience
More than 50

On different online and offline
4 events

Of regional and federal meaning were organized
2 multimedia

Were realized

Extra skills
I have an experience in creating video and audio content for different media. I know the bases of page-proofs and SMM
  • Tilda;
  • WordPress;
  • articles in 'Vkontakte';
  • Adobe InDesign.
  • leading communities in different social media;
  • construction of content-plans;
  • creating good covers for texts;
  • composing original and unique content for different social media.
Video and audio prodiction
  • mobile shooting;
  • work infront of the camera;
  • off-screen voice;
  • editing in Adobe Premier;
  • color correction in Adobe Premier and Davinci Resolve;
  • creating a conseption and aplan for a podcast

Contact me:
+7 (931) 377 49-93
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